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About AOD

The Academy of Operative Dentistry was founded in 1972 by members of the Academy of Gold Foil Operators. They saw the need for an organization devoted to the operative dentist. The purpose of the Academy of Operative Dentistry was to promote excellence in operative dentistry by influencing the practice of the health professions in organized dentistry, health science education, and research. (read more)

President's Message


Dear members and guests of the Academy,

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to our 51st Annual Meeting, and to my hometown, the great city of Chicago. For the past fifty years the Academy of Operative Dentistry has provided its members and guests with the “Gold Standard” of education and hospitality. I am deeply honored to serve as the 51st President of this distinguished and unique organization.

This is an especially exciting time to become a member of the Academy of Operative Dentistry. The discipline of Operative Dentistry is undergoing a renaissance. Advancements in Cariology, Digital Imaging, Dental Materials, and Interdisciplinary Dentistry enable today’s practitioners to deliver highly personalized, conservative, and long-lasting care to patients. At the 51st Scientific Session renowned speakers will present information on diverse topics such as regeneration of tooth structure, microbiome therapy for caries prevention, complex interdisciplinary dental care, cast gold restorations, innovations in esthetic dentistry with direct composite bonding, digital dentures, and much more. The Scientific Session Program features annual endowed lectures dedicated to the science of dental adhesives, cariology, cast gold restorations, and dental innovation. Our members and guests can expect a consistently excellent continuing education update every year, and this is just one of the benefits of attending the annual meeting.

Our organization is renowned for the accessibility of its educational programs, welcoming atmosphere, emphasis on mentoring, and opportunities for professional leadership. Our members include clinical dentists, researchers, educators, and students coming from as far away as Asia, the Middle East, South America, Europe, and from all over the United States. The Journal of Operative Dentistry is a highly regarded peer-reviewed publication and is available in print and digital forms to the members of the Academy.

As the world returns to meeting “in-person” our members and guests will find the advantages of virtual learning incorporated into the Academy of Operative Dentistry educational experience such as advanced previews of the upcoming Scientific Session on the Academy website, a digitally enhanced Q&A session enabling direct interaction with the speakers, videos of select lectures and table clinics available to registered members for an extended period following the annual meeting, and much more. The learning process will continue year-round making the Academy of Operative Dentistry membership a truly comprehensive educational experience.

A great deal has changed in our profession since the first meeting of the American Academy of Operative Dentistry in 1972. Gold foil is no longer a part of the dental curriculum, although it will be possible to experience this wonderful material at one of the upcoming Table Clinics. What continues to endure through the decades is the quest for professional excellence, the desire to learn, the spirit of innovation, and the opportunities for mentorship among the Academy members. It is very inspiring to interact with colleagues who are the embodiment of professional and personal integrity, and clinical and academic excellence. I am especially pleased to congratulate Dr. Susanne Grennell, the recipient of the 2023 Academy of Operative Dentistry Award of Excellence, and Dr. Richard Price, the recipient of the 2023 Hollenback Prize. Dr. Grennell and Dr. Price have made immense contributions to our profession and are exemplary role models to the next generation of dentists.

This production of the annual meeting is the result of a year-long team effort from a dedicated group of Academy officers. I would like to thank Dr. Juliana Da Costa for preparing a world-class Scientific Session program and Dr. Chris Griffin for putting together an equally excellent Table Clinic Session. I am profoundly grateful to Secretary Dr. Richard G. Stevenson III, Treasurer Dr. Paul Hasegawa, and Webmaster Dr. Eric McRory for providing an outstanding service year after year; to the Executive Council members and the Research Committee chaired by Dr. Erica Texteira for the invaluable contributions to the operations of our organization; to  Dr. Tina Lopez, Dr. Alison Ozaki, and Ms. Tina Cody for ensuring smooth running of the Academy’s business and for the famously welcoming atmosphere and warm hospitality at the Annual Meeting; and, last but not least, to Dr. Kyle Schultz, our 50th President, for his outstanding leadership.

Dear members and guests of the Academy, it is my sincere hope that the stimulating learning environment and welcoming professional camaraderie of the meeting will encourage continuous and expanding membership. In addition, you can make a valuable contribution by providing feedback on your Annual Meeting experience. Your critique and suggestions will be considered in the production of next year’s Scientific Session, which I hope you will all attend and bring a guest.

I am looking forward to welcoming you to the meeting. Thank you for your commitment to learning.


Yana Nedvetsky, DDS


Academy of Operative Dentistry