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About AOD

The Academy of Operative Dentistry was founded in 1972 by members of the Academy of Gold Foil Operators. They saw the need for an organization devoted to the operative dentist. The purpose of the Academy of Operative Dentistry was to promote excellence in operative dentistry by influencing the practice of the health professions in organized dentistry, health science education, and research. (read more)

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Presidents Message

Chicago in February is a time that I look forward to every year. The dates of the Academy meeting go on my calendar for the next year as soon as I return home. This is my 31st consecutive year of attendance, and there has never been a question of whether I would return in the coming year. I sometimes think of the postman’s motto about “not rain nor snow nor dark of night” when I think about coming to Chicago.

A remarkable thing happens when you regularly come to Chicago. In the beginning, you learn from the best minds in dentistry. With some good fortune, some of these best minds become mentors, and with a little more time, these mentors become personal friends. What a great concept!

I was told early in my career “if you want to get better, hang around smart people”. You will be immersed in an ocean of great minds over the next two days. I encourage each of you, particularly our first time doctors and new members, to introduce yourselves to some of the people who have been around for a while. I am confident that you will be greeted warmly. This is a tremendous network of doctors who want to do their work well.

Congratulations to Dr. Hidehiko Sano, recipient of Hollenback Memorial Prize and to Dr. Paul Hasegawa selected as the recipient of the Academy of Operative Dentistry’s Award of Excellence. These individuals represent the spirit of these awards and clearly reflect a clear commitment to sharing their time, talents, and resources with our Academy. Well Done!

 This meeting has a core of exceptional people who devote hour upon hour of personal time to be certain that we have an exceptional meeting every year. You will meet some of the officers of our council and chairs of our various committees this weekend. This is far more than a one person show. We have an outstanding group of Councilors guiding our Academy. We also have tremendous ongoing leadership from our secretary Dr. Rich Stevenson, assistant-secretary, Dr. Juliana Da Costa, and treasurer, Paul Hasegawa along with Dr. Tina Lopez and Ms. Tina Cody. These are the people who are the foundation of our Academy and make this great meeting possible.

Time goes by quickly, but there are occasions that become pivotal in a career. My first attendance to the Operative Academy was one of those defining events. I heard lectures that were factual, from top experts in their fields, and without commercial bias. It was a mix of academics, research, and clinical dentistry that all aimed toward excellence. This commitment to excellence clearly translated into pathways to the best outcomes in our patient’s treatment. I hope you enjoy Dr. Mack’s program this year and that you will mark your calendars for next year as Dr. Kyle Schulz has an outstanding essay program prepared.

In closing, I am very proud that I became a member of this academy 31 years ago. I am very proud of the many friendships that have developed during those years. I am most proud and honored to be your president this past year. Thank you for the honor of serving you.


Eben A. DeArmond, Jr., D.D.S.

President AOD