Committees and Groups Serving the Academy


Nominations Committee

Dr. Richard Vinci – Chair
Dr. Bruce Small (2020)
Dr. Tilly Peters (2019)
Dr. Michael Cochran (2018)
Dr. Paul Hasegawa – Ex Officio
Dr. Richard Stevenson – Ex Officio

Research Committee

Dr. Ana Bedran-Russo – Chair (2018)
Dr. Adriana Clavier-Semprum (2018)
Dr. André Ritter (2018)
Dr. Preetha Kanjirath (2018)
Dr. John Burgess (2018)
Dr. Adriana Manso (2019)
Dr. Danika Jo Downey (2020)
Dr. Erica Teixeira (2020)
Dr. Esteban Bonilla (2020)
Mr. Kevin Matis – Ex Officio

Communication and Membership Development Committee

Dr. Richard Stevenson – Chair (2018)
Dr. Tracy de Peralta (2018)
Dr. Aadarsh Gopalakrishna (2018)
Dr. Rafat Amer (2018)
Dr. Clifton Carey (2018)
Dr. Jeff Platt – Ex Officio

Finance Committee

Dr. Joel M. Wagoner – Chair
Dr. Paul Hasegawa
Dr. Richard Stevenson

Constitution and Bylaws Committee

Dr. Kevin Frazier – Chair (2018)
Dr. Fernando Haddock (2017)
Dr. Marcela Hernandez (2017)

Scientific Sessions Committee

Dr. Eben De Armond – Chair (2020)
Dr. Richard Vinci (2019)
Dr. Bruce Small (2018)
Dr. Chris Mack (2021)
Dr. Richard Stevenson – Ex Officio
Mr. Kevin Matis – Ex Officio

Committee on Strategic Planning (Ad Hoc)

Dr. Michael Cochran – Chair
Dr. Manuel Cordero
Dr. Juliana Da Costa
Dr. Eben De Armond
Dr. Fred Eichmiller
Dr. Tom Hilton
Dr. Jim Summitt
Dr. Paul Brunton

Other Groups Serving the Academy

Trustees of the Founders Fund
Dr. Susanne Grennell – Chair (2020)
Dr. Richard D. Tucker – Vice Chair (2019)
Dr. William “Rusty” Morris – Retiring Secretary/Treasurer (2018)
Dr. Greg Smith (2021)
Dr. Fred Eichmiller (2022)
Dr. Barry Evans (2022)
Dr. Timothy Carlson – Incoming Secretary/Treasurer (2023)
Dr. Paul Hasegawa – Ex Officio

Rising Star Faculty Award Committee
Dr. Tilly Peters (Chair)
Dr. Susanne Grennell
Dr. Ana Bedran-Russo
Dr. Maria Howell
Dr. Tina Lopez
Dr. Juliana da Costa
Dr. Deborah Cobb

Annual Meeting Arrangements (Banquets, Gala Reception)
Dr. Richard Stevenson
Dr. Tina Lopez
Dr. Kaitlin Small

Audiovisual Arrangements
Dr. Paul Hasegawa – Chair
Dr. Richard Stevenson

Dr. Eric Levine
Dr. Henry St. Germain

Public Information, Signs, and Local Arrangements
Dr. Frank Perry – Chair
Dr. Tim Toepke

Dr. Richard Stevenson – Chair
Dr. Tina Lopez
Ms. Tina Cody