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The Founders’ Fund was created to enhance the art and science of Operative Dentistry by providing financial support for special programs and projects.

The fund is used to support:

  • Dental research projects, dental educational programs, activities which define and enlarge the role of Operative Dentistry in teaching institutions, private practice, and the armed forces, programs or activities which provide encouragement and assistance to dentists, dental and postgraduate dental students, and pre-dental students.
  • Any other activities which could enhance the art and science of Operative Dentistry.

History and Administration

The Founders’ Fund was established in 1986 by the Executive Council of the Academy of Operative Dentistry in honor of the six founding members of the Academy: Drs. José E. Medina, Charles F. Bouschor, Floyd E. Hamstrom, Carl J. Monacelli, James P. Vernetti, and Ralph J. Werner. The goal of the Fund was to establish a principal endowment through tax-deductible donations from the members and friends of the Academy to support projects on the interest earned from that principal. Today, the principal continues to grow as does the size and number of the projects supported.

The Fund is managed by a six-person Board of Trustees, five of whom are elected by the membership of the Academy. Each elected trustee serves a five-year renewable term. The Academy’s treasurer is an ex-officio member of the board.

All requests for funds are acted upon carefully and discreetly by the Trustees. Requests for funds should be made prior to the annual meeting in February.

Projects Supported

Among the activities supported by the Founders’ Fund are:

  • Ralph W. Phillips Student Research Award: A stipend and expense reimbursement for student research projects and presentation of those projects at national research meetings.
  • The Rising Star Award: A biennial faculty award to recognize and promote excellence in the pursuit of teaching clinical dentistry by early-career faculty. This includes a cash award and expense reimbursement to present a table clinic at the AOD annual meeting.
  • Student Clinician Awards: A cash award and expense reimbursement to a dental student for registration and travel to the AOD annual meeting to present a table clinic.
  • Recent Graduate (young professional) Awards: Payment of registration expenses for the Academy’s annual meeting to recipients of the Academy’s senior dental student awards during the year following their graduation.
  • The journal Operative Dentistry to support periodic Supplement publications.
  • An international symposium in 2000 on Alternatives for the Management of Carious Lesions

 Ways to Contribute

You may make annual cash donations at any time. Many gifts of cash are made to honor, or in memory of, friends or loved ones. Other gifts may be made as wills and bequests, gifts of property, life insurance proceeds or trusts.

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Honor Roll of Cumulative Giving

The trustees of the FOUNDERS’ FUND would like to gratefully thank the Executive Council of the Academy of Operative Dentistry, the entire membership and other friends in supporting the Founders’ Fund. The following individuals and organizations are recognized for their financial support of the Founders’ Fund since it was established in 1986 through December 2018. Contributors are listed alphabetically within gift levels on an Honor Roll:

$10,000 and above receive the Glass Globe Award.

$2,000 and above receive the AOD Founders’ Fund Paperweight.

$1,000 and above receive the Founders’ Fund Lapel Pin.

Globe Level, over $10,000

Academy of Operative Dentistry

Hamstrom, Floyd

Hawkins, William E.

Schultz, Jr., Chester

Paperweight Level $2,000-$9,999

American Board of Operative Dentistry

Anderson, J. Martin

Grennell, Susanne

Hygenic Corporation

Ivoclar, Williams Gold

Kloehn, Richard S.

Morris, William E.

Reinhardt, John W.

Smith, Gregory E.

Summitt, James B.

Tucker, Richard D.

Vinci, Richard C.

Wagoner, Joel M.

Whip Mix Corporation

Lapel Pin Level, $1,000-$1,999

Anderson, Maxwell


Berry, Thomas G.

Boelstler, Roy

Bridgeman, David F.

Broome, James

Byers, Paul G.

Carlson, Timothy J.

Clark, Lawrence L.

Coffield, Brent

De Armond, Jr., Eben

Deckman, James

Dentsply/Caulk, Corporation

Eichmiller, Frederick

ESPE America,

Evans, Barry O.

Ferguson, Paul

Fleckenstein, Leo J.

Garman, Thomas A.

Hampel, Anna T.

Hanst, Michael T.

Hasegawa, Paul Y.

Haveman, Carl W.

Herrera, Michael J.

Hu-Friedy Mfg. Co.,

Kerr, Manufacturing Co.

Kyle, Jr., Frank A.

Lewis, Garry L.

Manga, Robert K.


McCoy, Richard B.

Medina, José

Mitchell, Jan Karen

Moline, David O.

Pachuta, Stephen M.

Parlet, Craig R.

Phelan, P. Raymond

Phelan, Ralph M.

Pink, Frank E.

Rosen, Harry

Sasaki, Gary

Schutt, Norman L.

Senda, Akira

Setzler, Paul E.

Small, Bruce W.

Smith, James A.

Suter Dental Mfg Co.,

Thompson, Van P.

Thorburn, David Wm.

Vernetti, James