Benefits of Membership

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Being a member of this organization, which was founded in 1972 are as follows:

  1. As an AOD member, you are entitled to attend the Annual Meeting, held each year in February, in Chicago, at a reduced rate. This alone represents a $300 savings.
  2. You receive 6 hard copies of the Journal, Operative Dentistry, mailed to your home. The Operative Dentistry Journal is one of the most respected and sought after reference for the cutting edge techniques in restorative dentistry. It’s beautifully illustrated with many pages in color, and maintains a high impact rating compared to other Journals.
  3. You have full access to the Members Only area of the website, where numerous opportunities exist for networking, patient referrals and announcements of research grants and scholarships.
  4. Numerous leadership positions are continuously available within the Academy for those seeking further experience and the accolades of being part of the driving force behind the Academy.
  5. Student members may join for free, and are entitled to online Journal Subscription for a reduced rate.
  6. We are good people! We enjoy the collegial associations developed and come to rely on them. Whether you are seeking a letter of recommendation, or a mentor to guide you through a difficult case, our community of experts and renowned leaders are happy to support you.
  7. The expertise within our Academy is phenomenal – our members have authored the two leading textbooks in Operative Dentistry, and many other books and chapters in the broad realm of Restorative Dentistry.
  8. Study Club membership. Our Academy boasts over 25 study clubs world-wide in Operative Dentistry including the Academy of Richard V. Tucker Study Clubs, and the Hollenback Study Clubs. These clubs are always seeking new members and as an AOD member, the doors will remain open for you. Mentorship in a hands-on study club is one of the fundamentals to advancing your professional knowledge and skills.
  9. The future looks bright! We are adding Continuing Education modules on-line in the near future and will continue to publish the best science in Operative Dentistry moving forward.
  10. American Board of Operative Dentistry. The ABOD is an associated entity within our Academy and pursuing ABOD status requires AOD membership. If you wish to challenge yourself in obtaining ABOD status, we are the parent Academy and we are here to help you!