Richard V. Tucker Lecture of Excellence Presenters


In 2007 the Council of the Academy of Operative Dentistry collaborated with the Council of the Academy of R. V. Tucker Study Clubs to establish an annual lecture to be given which focused on clinical excellence, particularly in the arena of cast and direct gold restorations in honor of Dr. Richard V. Tucker.

2008 – Dr. Terry Donovan
Chapel Hill, NC
“Cast Gold Longevity”

2009 – Dr. Richard G. Stevenson III
Los Angeles, CA
“Educating Excellent Dentists in the 21st Century”

2010 – Dr. Mark A. Cruz
Monarch Beach, CA
“Evidenced Based Cast Gold Excellence”

2011 – Dr. Richard Simonsen
Glendale, AZ
“Commerce vs. Care: The Ethics of Restorative and Esthetic Dentistry in a Cheaters’ World”

2012 – Dr. Randall Allan
Vancouver, BC, Canada
“The Tucker 7/8 Gold Crown”

2013 – Dr. Warren K. Johnson and Dr. Richard D. Tucker
Seattle and Bellingham, WA
“What can Gold do for You and Your Patients?”

2014 – Dr. James C. Kessler
Oklahoma City, OK
“A Look at New Materials Through the Lens of Proven Principles”

2015 – Dr. Rüdiger Osswald
Münich, Germany
“A Closer Look at the Emperor’s New Clothes”

2016 – Dr. John Kois
Seattle, WA
“The Myth of Anterior Guidance”

2017 – Dr. Frank Spear
Seattle, WA
“Minimally Invasive Management of Complex Dental Problems”

2018 – Dr. Terry T. Tanaka
San Diego, CA
“Occlusion Concepts and Anatomy: New Perspectives for 2018”

2019 - Dr. W. Patrick Naylor
Loma Linda, CA
"A Closer Look at the Science Behind Three Aspects of Restorative Dentistry"

2020 - Dr. Chandur Wadhwani
Bellevue, WA
"From Casting Gold to Ceramic: Understanding Science Matters"

2021 - (No presenter chosen due to Pandemic)

2022 - Dr. Terry Donovan
Chapel Hill, NC
"Lessons Learned in Over 50 years of Restorative Dentistry"

2023 - Dr. Richard D. Tucker
Bellingham, WA
"Cast Gold Restorations - A Pathway to Success"

2024 - Dr. Michael Hohaus - Zahnarzt
Düsseldorf, Germany