Hollenback Prize - 2019




Hidehiko Sano DDS PhD

Dr. Hidehiko Sano is presently Professor of Restorative Dentistry, Hokkaido University Graduate School of Dental Medicine. Dr. Sano received his DDS from Tokyo Medical and Dental University in 1983. Immediately after graduation, Dr. Sano enrolled in the Doctoral Course of Tokyo Medical and Dental University.  His PhD thesis focused on Clinical Cariology, relating the caries with the caries disclosing solution. He was conferred PhD in 1987. 

Professor Sano started his professional career at Tokyo Medical and Dental University Hospital (1987-1988). He became Assistant Professor of Operative Dentistry in 1988 (1988-1995) and Lecturer in 1995 (1995-1997). He spent his sabbatical years at Professor Pashley’s lab in Medical college of Georgia supported by the funding from Japanese Government (1992-1993). In 1997, he moved to Hokkaido University as a Professor of Restorative Dentistry. Since then, he has mentored over 50 graduate students including more than 10 international students.  In late 80’s, Dr. Sano’s research focus was shifted from clinical cariology to dentin adhesion. His extensive works opened up many new fields of research including introduction of nanoleakage and microtensile bond testing at the adhesive interfaces, and mechanisms of biodegradation of the resin/dentin bonds. These are just a few honorable mentions from his long listed research achievements. 

Dr. Sano has been receiving Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research for over 25 years. He has authored or co-authored over 214 publications in peer-reviewed dental research journals, contributed to 4 textbook chapters, and has given over 63 invited presentations at the International levels. 

The academy is most pleased to recognize the exceptional work, leadership, mentorship and lifetime achievements of Dr. Hidehiko Sano. His contributions have greatly advanced the field of Operative Dentistry. The Academy of Operative Dentistry is honored to announce Dr. Hidehiko Sano as the most worthy recipient of the 2019 George M. Hollenback Memorial prize.

Congratulations to Hide!

Dr. Ana Bedran-Russo will have the honor of presenting this award to Dr. Sano.