About Us 

The American Board of Operative Dentistry, Inc. was created in 1980 by the Academy of Operative Dentistry to elevate the science and practice of Operative Dentistry by conducting examinations to recognize the proficiency of dentists who voluntarily apply to the Board for Certification. 

ABOD Founding Members 1980

David J. Bales
Frank F. Bliss
Robert B. Bridgeman
Charles B.Cartwright
James M. Childers
Perry H. Dungey
George W. Ferguson
Fred C. Fielder
D. Jackson Freese
Chester J. Gibson
Floyd E. Hamstrom
Robert L. Kinzer
Ralph L. Lambert
Melvin R. Lund
Joseì E. Medina
Anthony D. Romano
Bruce B. Smith
Julian J. Thomas

Additional Information

Information about eligibility criteria, the board certification process, and application forms can be found on our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/268573094627192. Click on the "Files" tab on the Facebook page to find all forms.