What is new about the AOD for the 2018 meeting?

In an effort to provide members and guests of the AOD with the highest quality meeting, the Academy has decided to implement some new ideas for 2018.  Among these are:

  • Projected Clinics rather than Table Clinics
  • “Pearl” Hour
  • “Over the Shoulders of the Masters”

Let me elaborate on the above…

  • Projected Clinics – It is the Academy’s desire to focus more on quality than quantity and to make the best possible use of available technology. Therefore, rather than using a board and pictures as has been done in the past, we are switching to projected clinics only.  The Academy will provide a screen but it will be the responsibility of the clinician to provide the projector.  Also, we will be limiting the number of projected clinics to 12.  The deadline to submit the application for a projected clinic is September 15, 2017.  The committee will select the presenters by the end of October.

Hint… The committee will be looking for presentations that are innovative and will give the members and guests a lot of valuable take home information that can be used in their practices.  Presentations should be limited to somewhere around 15 minutes.  When submitting an application, a short 3 to 5 minute video clip of the presentation would be very helpful in the selection process.

Applications can be sent electronically to or mailed to:

Chris Mack, DDS
3008 H. G. Mosley Pkwy.
Longview, TX 75605

Submissions MUST be received by
September 15, 2017. For any questions call Chris Mack at 903-236-4050.  You can download an application at HERE.

  • “Pearl” Hour – This is a happy hour where practice pearls are shared by experienced colleagues that have enjoyed very successful practices. This was actually done last year on a trial basis with little to no advertising and it proved to be very well received by those in attendance.  So…this year we have decided to put a little more effort into it.  The hour between the end of Thursday’s lectures and our fantastic Gala we will have a panel discussion featuring some of our esteemed colleagues sharing in an informal setting some “pearls” that have led to their success.  COMPLIMENTARY REFRESHMENTS WILL BE AVAILABLE!!!  This will be an hour you will NOT want to miss!
  • “Over the Shoulders of the Masters” – We are very excited about this new addition to our meeting! During the projected clinic portion of the meeting, Dr. Bill Robbins and Dr. Rodrigo Maia will each be showing a video of a clinical procedure that they have done in their own practices.  They will be narrating the procedure and entertaining questions.  We believe that this will be a very unique learning experience not only getting to see these two fine clinicians actually doing their work but to also have the opportunity to ask them questions during the presentation.  More information will follow on the exact procedures they will be doing. Each of these sessions will last 30 to 45 minutes and seating will be limited.

Once again, the Academy is very excited about these new ideas as we are trying to continue to provide our members and guests with the highest quality program possible.  We know that there are many places that you can spend your continuing education dollars but it is our hope that you will make plans to be with us in beautiful Chicago in February, 2018!

Your proud Vice President,

Chris Mack


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