20101005_agd_awarded_01Welcome to the 46th annual meeting of the Academy of Operative Dentistry.  It is my honor and privilege to have served on the executive council and now as president of our academy.  To be on the most impressive list of president’s of this academy is very humbling and rewarding for me for me.   I have learned from many of you, made long-lasting friendships with many of you, and enjoy the company of all of you.  We all have the goal of excellence in operative dentistry in common and all seek to better serve our students, patients, and each other. On behalf of the entire academy, I want to thank the selfless dedication of our Secretary Dr. Richard Stevenson, our Treasurer Dr. Paul Hasegawa,  Dr. Juliana DeCosta, Dr. Tina Lopez, and Ms. Tina Cody for all the time and effort that they have given on our behalf and continue to do so.  A special thank you this year to Richard Stevenson for the countless hours he has spent during the past year on our new website.  The phone calls, site visits, time spent away from his family, and the related stress all without any compensation on our behalf is greatly appreciated. Thank you, Richard.  I would like to congratulate Dr. Fred Ruggeberg who is the Hollenback Memorial Prize winner and represents the best of everything to which the Hollenback Prize aspires. Congratulations as well to Dr. Tom Hilton who is the winner of the Academy of Operative Dentistry’s Award of Excellence, the academy’s most prestigious honor.  Our president-elect, Dr. Richard Vinci, has organized an outstanding scientific program including a special morning with Dr Frank Spear who will lecture on conservative dentistry.  Dr. Eben “Dee” DeArmond, our vice president, has assembled a variety of table clinics including four “sit down” clinics which have been very popular in the past.  We have fewer table clinics now so you’ll have time to visit more of them.  Welcome again to everyone and I hope you enjoy the meeting and especially each other.  See you at the hospitality suite.
Bruce Small, DMD
President 2016-2017

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