Awards and Special Lectures

Award of Excellence Recipients

img_9952The Award of Excellence was established in 1986 to recognize outstanding contributions to the discipline of Operative Dentistry in areas of, but not limited to: Service to the Academy; Teaching of operative dentistry at academic and continuing education levels; Promotion of excellence in operative dentistry at a national or international level.

Nominations need to be submitted in writing to Dr. Richard Stevenson (P.O. Box 25637 Los Angeles, CA 90025) and will be reviewed at the Spring Council Meeting.

The following individuals have been honored with the Award of Excellence:

1986 – Dr. Gerald D. Stibbs
1987 – Dr. Paul T. Dawson
1988 – Dr. James P. Vernetti
1989 – Dr. A. Ian Hamilton
1990 – Dr. Ralph J. Werner
1991 – Dr. Melvin R. Lund
1992 – Dr. Richard V. Tucker
1993 – Dr. Paul H. Loflin
1994 – Dr. David J. Bales
1995 – Dr. Clifford M. Sturdevant
1996 – Dr. Harry Rosen
1997 – Dr. J. Martin Anderson
1998 – Dr. Gregory E. Smith
1999 – Dr. José E. Medina
2000 – Dr. Bruce B. Smith
2001 – Dr. Richard B. McCoy
2002 – Dr. John W. Reinhardt
2003 – Dr. Lawrence L. Clark
2004 – Dr. Norman C. Ferguson
2005 – Dr. James B. Summitt
2006 – Dr. Joel M. Wagoner
2007 – Dr. Thomas G. Berry
2008 – Dr. William A. Gregory
2009 – Dr. Warren K. Johnson
2010 – Dr. Richard G. Stevenson III
2011 – Dr. Michael Cochran
2012 – Dr. Harold R. Laswell
2013 – Dr. Gerald E. Denehy
2014 – Dr. Richard D. Tucker
2015 – Dr. Gordon J. Christensen
2016 – Dr. J. William Robbins
2017 – Dr. Thomas J. Hilton
2018 – Dr. Maria Lopez Howell


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Hollenback Memorial Prize Recipients


The Hollenback Memorial Prize was established in 1975 as a memorial to the late George M. Hollenback for his distinguished research and leadership, the results of which have had so beneficial an effect on improving the quality of dental practice. The Prize is given for research that has contributed substantially to the advancement of restorative dentistry. Research of a broad range is considered, spanning the investigative spectrum from fundamental to applied, and encompassing all levels of investigation from prevention of dental discase to development of improved materials and techniques.

The following individuals won the Hollenback Memorial Prize:

1975 – Dr. Robert J. Nelsen
1976 – Dr. George C. Paffenbarger
1977 – Dr. Ralph W. Phillips
1978 – Dr. Miles R. Markley
1979 – Dr. Wilmer B. Eames
1980 – Dr. George W. Ferguson
1981 – Dr. Rafael L. Bowen
1982 – Dr. Lloyd Baum
1983 – Dr. Harold R. Stanley
1984 – Dr. Kamal Asgar
1985 – Dr. José E. Medina
1986 – Dr. Nelson W. Rupp
1987 – Dr. Gunnar Ryge
1988 – Dr. David B. Mahler
1989 – Dr. Gerald T. Charbeneau
1990 – Dr. Dennis C. Smith
1991 – Dr. Robert B. Craig
1992 – Dr. Marjorie Swartz
1993 – Dr. William V. Youdelis
1994 – Dr. Carl W. Fairhurst
1995 – Dr. Karl Leinfelder
1997 – Dr. Nobuo Nakabayashi
1998 – Dr. David Pashley
1999 – Dr. Takao Fusayama
2000 – Dr. Frederick C. Eichmiller
2001 – Dr. Richard D. Norman
2002 – Dr. Nairn H. F. Wilson
2003 – Dr. John W. Osborne
2004 – Dr. Ivar A. Mjör
2005 – Dr. Stephen C. Bayne
2006 – Dr. William H. Douglas
2007 – Dr. Guido Vanherle
2008 – Dr. Mathilde “Tilly” Peters
2009 – Dr. Dr. James B. Summitt
2010 – Dr. J. Rodway Mackert
2011 – Dr. John O. Burgess
2012 – Dr. Reinhard Hickel
2013 – Dr. Max Anderson
2014 – Dr. Edwina Kidd
2015 – Dr. Sally Marshall
2016 – Dr. Jack L. Ferracane
2017 – Dr. Fred Rueggeberg
2018 – Dr. Edward J. Swift

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Buonocore Memorial Lecturers


The Buonocore lecturer is selected by the Research Committee annually. Taken into account is the program for the subsequent year. Suggestions for the Buonocore lecturer should be sent to the chair of the Research Committee, Dr. Tilly Peters.

1982 – Dennis C. Smith, DSc. MSc., PhD
Toronto, Ont., Canada
“A Milestone in Dentistry”

1983 – Alan Boyde, BDS, PhD
London, England
“Enamel Microstructure and Operative Dentistry”

1984 – Martin Brannstrom, Odont Dr.
Karolinska Ints, Sweden
“Communication between the Oral Cavity and the Dental Pulp Associated with Restorative Treatment”

1985 – Erik Asmussen, Dr. odent et scient
Copenhagen, Denmark
“Clinical Relevance of Physical, Chemical and Bonding Properties of Composite Resins”

1986 – Ivar A. Mjör, BDS, MSD, MS, Dr. odont
Oslo, Norway
“Clinical Assessments of Amalgam Restorations”

1987 – P. Lambrechts, DDS, PhD
M. Braem, DDS, PhD
G. Vanherle, DR, DDS, PhD
Leuven, Belgium,
“Evaluation of Clinical Performance for Posterior Composite Resins and Dental Adhesives”

1988 – Sigurd P. Ramfjord, LDS, PhD
Univ of Michigan, School of Dentistry
“Periodontal Considerations of Operative Dentistry”

1989 – Edwina M. Kidd, BDS, FDS, PhD
London, England
“Caries Diagnosis within Restored Teeth”

1990 – N. H. F. Wilson, PhD, MSc, BDS, FDS, DRD, RCS
Manchester, England
“The Evaluation of Materials: Relationships between Laboratory Investigations and Clinical Studies”

1991 – John W. McLean, OBE, FDS, RCS, MDS, DSc, DO dont
London, England
“The Science and Art of Dental Ceramics”

1992 – David H. Pashley, DMD, PhD
Augusta, Georgia
“The Effects of Acid Etching on the Pulpodontal Complex”

1993 – Robert E. Baier, PhD
Buffalo, New York

1994 – Graham J. Mount, AM, DDS, DOSc, FRACDS
Adelaide, South Australia
“Glass Ionomer Cements: Past, Present and Future”

1995 – Felix Leitz, MD, DMD, PhD
Zurich, Switzerland
“The Post-amalgam Age”

1996 – David B. Mahler, PhD
University of Oregon
“The Amalgam-Tooth Interface”

1997 – Gordon J. Christensen, DDS, MSD, PhD
Provo, Utah
“Tooth-Colored Posterior Restorations”

1998 – Kenneth J. Anusavice, DMD, PhD
Gainsville, Florida
“Materials of the Future: Preservative or Restorative?”

1999 – Dr. E. Steven Duke
San Antonio, Texas
“Thoughts on Contempory Restorative Materials”

2000 – Professor Dr. J. F. Roulet
Berlin, Germany
“Adhesive Dentistry in the 21st Century”

2001 – Dr. Jens Andreasen
Copenhagen,. Denmark
“Bonding Techniques in Dental Traumatology”

2002 – Dr. Lars Bjorndal
Copenhagen, Denmark
“Dentin Caries: Progression and Clinical Management”

2003 – Dr. Bart Van Meerbeek
Leuven, Belgium
“Bonding to Tooth Tissue: Current Status and Challenges of the Future”

2004 – Dr. Reinhard Hickel
Munich, Germany
“Classification and Clinical Results of Filling Materials”

2004 – Dr. J. Manhart
Munich, Germany
“Review of the clinical survival of direct and indirect restorations in posterior teeth of the permanent dentition.”

2005 – Dr. Franklin Tay
Hong Kong, Peoples Republic of China
“Reducing Steps In Dentin Bonding – What Have We Really Gained”

2006 – Dr. Jacques E. Nor
Ann Arbor, Michigan
“Tooth Tissue Engineering and Molecular Biology in Restorative Dentistry”

2007 – Professor Tim F. Watson
Chicago, Illinois
“Operative Dentistry and the Abuse of Dental Hard Tissues”

2008 – Dr. Jack Ferracane
Portland, Oregon
“Placing Dental Composites: A stressful Experience”

2009 – Prof. Med. Dent Adrian Lussi
Bern, Switzerland
“Dental Erosion”

2010 –

2011 –

2012 –

2013 –

2014 –

2015 –

2016 – Dr. Valeria V. Gordon
Gainesville, FL
“How to Bridge Research Results to Everyday Clinical Care”

2017 – Dr. Irina Sailer
Zurich, Switzerland
“To Crown or Not to Crown – Are the Traditional Treatment Concepts Outdated?”

2018 – Dr. Falk Schwendicke
Berlin, Germany
“Tailored Dentistry – Or One Size Fits All?”

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George C Paffenbarger Student Research Award

Request for Applications

The ADA Foundation announces that it is accepting applications for the George C Paffenbarger Student Research Award, available in collaboration with the Academy of Operative Dentistry. This student research award honors George C Paffenbarger, an internationally recognized authority on dental materials and a pioneer in the development of specifications and standards for testing materials. The ADA Foundation’s Paffenbarger Research Center is named in his honor.

The Award is open to dental students at all levels who wish to undertake novel research relevant to contemporary operative dentistry.

The application should take the form of a protocol outlining the background, aims and hypothesis of the proposed research, the methodology to be employed, and the anticipated work on the clinical practice of operative dentistry. The protocol should not exceed 3 typewritten pages and a budget sheet, including details for payment of the award. The budget for the proposed research may not exceed $6,000.

The recipient of the award will be required to present a table clinic reporting the findings of the research supported by the Award at the 2012 annual meeting of the Academy of Operative Dentistry, which will be held in Chicago, 26-28 February, 2012. Additional funds not to exceed $1,000 will be made available to offset the cost of attending the meeting.

A research mentor, who is a member of the Academy of Operative Dentistry, should be named and serve as a co-signatory to the application. If the research supported by the Award leads to a research report intended for publication, it is expected that the report will be first submitted to Operative Dentistry.

Applications for the award must be submitted electronically to Dr. Ana Bedran-Russo (, chair of the Research Committee of the Academy of Operative Dentistry, . Final selection of the award will be made by the Scientific Research Committee of the ADA Foundation.

The application packet should consist of the following documents (font Arial, 11 pt, 1.5 lines-spaced), all combined into ONE pdf-file, containing:

  • support letter (research mentor)
  • cover letter (applicant)
  • research protocol (max 3 pages, including abstract (max 250 words), introduction and hypothesis, specific aims and workplan)
  • budget sheet (max 1 page, including payment details)
  • references (max 1/2 page),
  • CV of applicant (max 1 page)

Applications not strictly following the requested format will be returned without consideration.

The Award recipient will be notified in early April 2011, and announced in the Journal of Operative Dentistry and on the websites of the ADA Foundation and the Academy of Operative Dentistry.

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2008 Ralph Phillips Student Research Award

Funding for Students’ Research in Operative Dentistry

Students wanting to carry out research related to Operative Dentistry may apply for a Ralph Phillips Research Award, sponsored by the Founder’s Fund of the Academy of Operative Dentistry.

The application should consist of a protocol outlining the background, aim/hypothesis to be tested, the methodology to be employed, a time schedule and the expected outcome of the study. The protocol should not exceed three double-spaced type-written pages and a budget page (including where the funds should be sent provided the Award is granted). The budget may not exceed $6,000. In addition, a one-page resumé of the student and a supporting letter of the mentor should accompany the electronic application.

If an abstract, based on the research and acknowledging support from the Academy of Operative Dentistry, is accepted for presentation at the IADR/AADR meeting in 2009, additional travel funds not exceeding $1,000 will be made available to the recipient.

The entire electronic application package (in one pdf-file) should be addressed to the Chair of the Research Committee and submitted via email to


Dr. Ana Bedran-Russo
University of Michigan, School of Dentistry
Dept. of Cariology, Restorative Science
1011 North University
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1078


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Student Award Winners

Academy of Operative Dentistry Student Award

The Academy sponsors an award each year to the student in each U.S. and Canadian dental school who has been voted as having provided the most outstanding restorative care to his or her patients. There are some institutions in Europe and one in Australia that also present the award. The specific method by which the faculty determines the award is left to the discretion of the faculty of the specific institution in which the student is enrolled.

The award consists of a certificate and a year’s subscription to the journal “Operative Dentistry”. The award is usually presented at each school’s annual awards ceremony in late spring.


Richard V. Tucker Lecture of Excellence Presenters

In 2007 the Council of the Academy of Operative Dentistry collaborated with the Council of the Academy of R. V. Tucker Study Clubs to establish an annual lecture to be given which focused on clinical excellence, particularly in the arena of cast and direct gold restorations in honor of Dr. Richard V. Tucker.





2008 – Dr. Terry Donovan
Chapel Hill, NC
“Cast Gold Longevity”

2009 – Dr. Richard G. Stevenson III
Los Angeles, CA
“Educating Excellent Dentists in the 21st Century”

2010 – Dr. Mark A. Cruz
Monarch Beach, CA
“Evidenced Based Cast Gold Excellence”

2011 – Dr. Richard Simonsen
Glendale, AZ
“Commerce vs. Care: The Ethics of Restorative and Esthetic Dentistry in a Cheaters’ World”

2012 – Dr. Randall Allan
Vancouver, BC, Canada
“The Tucker 7/8 Gold Crown”

2013 – Dr. Warren K. Johnson and Dr. Richard D. Tucker
Seattle and Bellingham, WA
“What can Gold do for You and Your Patients?”

2014 – Dr. James C. Kessler
Oklahoma City, OK
“A Look at New Materials Through the Lens of Proven Principles”

2015 – Dr. Rüdiger Osswald
Münich, Germany
“A Closer Look at the Emperor’s New Clothes”

2016 – Dr. John Kois
Seattle, WA
“The Myth of Anterior Guidance”

2017 – Dr. Frank Spear
Seattle, WA
“Minimally Invasive Management of Complex Dental Problems”

2018 – Dr. Terry T. Tanaka
San Diego, CA
“Occlusion Concepts and Anatomy: New Perspectives for 2018

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