The Academy of Operative Dentistry was founded in 1972 by members of the Academy of Gold Foil Operators. They saw the need

for an organization devoted to the operative dentist. The purpose of the Academy of Operative Dentistry was to promote excellence in operative dentistry by influencing the practice of the health professions in organized dentistry, health science education, and research.

Six members are credited with the founding of the Academy of Operative Dentistry in 1972 and are designated as the Founding Fathers. These six are:


Dr. Charles Bouchor (Texas) Dr. Floyd E. Hamstron (Washington) Dr. José E. Medina (Florida) Dr. Carl J. Monacelli (Massachusetts) Dr. James E. Vernetti (California)

Dr. Ralph J. Werner (Wisconsin)


Drs. Medina, Werner, Hamstrom, & Vernetti, 4 of the AOD Founders

The interest in the establishment of such an academy was ascertained through the responses to a survey from 500 mailings sent by Dr. Medina. The response nationally and internationally was overwhelmingly positive.

The Organizational meeting for the formation of the Academy of Operative Dentistry was held at the Sheraton-Blackstone Hotel Embassy Room in Chicago on February 12, 1972.

The purpose of the Academy was and is expressed in the motto: “To Promote Excellence in Operative Dentistry”.

Attendees at that meeting and others who subsequently submitted the assessment of $15.00 before the next meeting in the fall, became the charter members. There are 385 charter members representing 41 states and seven foreign countries. The membership continues to increase. There are approximately 1,200 members at this time. The Academy welcomes individuals who exhibit an interest and ascribe to the motto of the organization.

The Academy was established and approved as a nonprofit organization. It was incorporated 1977. The Founder’s Fund was established, and those Founder’s Fund trustees approved distribution which support worthy causes fostering the interests of the Academy.

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Academy Profile and Membership Benefits

The Academy is a worldwide organization of over 1200 professionals from over 25 countries who have a special interest in Operative Dentistry and a commitment to excellence.

Structure of the Academy
The Structure of the Academy is comprised of elected officers, executive councilors, and appointed committee chairs. Also elected are the trustees of the Founder’s Fund.

The Officers: President, President Elect, Vice President, Immediate Past President; Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Secretary

Councilors: Six members; yearly 2 new members replacing the three-year going-off members. Attention is given to geographic and professional practice status representation.

Committees: As listed in the program of the annual meeting. Scientific session; Constitution and By-laws; Finance; Nominations; Award of Excellence; Special Projects; Membership; Research; Seminar; Annual Meeting; Audiovisual; Hospitality; Public Information, Signs, and Local Arrangements; Registration; Companion Activities.

All of the positions are considered an honor and all serve voluntarily in their designated duties. The officers are elected for one year. The councilors for three years. The secretary and treasure are subject to yearly reelection, the committees to appointment. The ongoing business throughout the year is the responsibility of the secretary and treasurer.

Dues are proposed by the officers and subject to the approval by the members.

Benefits of Membership

Annual meeting. The annual meeting (held each year in Chicago, Illinois) is a carefully crafted two-day program that includes outstanding scientific lectures and table clinic presentations. Many meals and social events are included, providing time to interact with other members, and making this one of the best values in continuing education. The Academy’s publication,Operative Dentistry, is one of the most widely read and highly respected journals in dentistry. Your membership also includes an Academy roster with study club information.

Professional associations. The consensus of the membership is that the most important benefit of their association with the Academy is an unequalled atmosphere of learning, friendship, and camaraderie.

Academy Sponsored Programs

Outstanding Student Award. US and Canadian dental schools can select a graduating dental student to receive this award for excellence in Operative Dentistry. Student Table Clinician Award. The ADA Student Table Clinician judged the best in Operative Dentistry is funded to the Annual AOD meeting to repeat their presentation. Award of Excellence. This award is granted annually to individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to operative dentistry for service to the Academy, teaching, and for promotion of excellence in operative dentistry. George M. Hollenback Memorial Prize.This prize recognizes individuals who have contributed to the advancement of restorative dentistry in all facets of fundamental and allied research endeavors. Michael G. Buonocore Memorial Lecture. Each year an internationally recognized speaker presents a lecture at the annual meeting in memory of the contributions made by Dr. Buonocore. It is supported by the generosity of the L. D. Caulk Company. Academy Founders Fund. This fund Supports programs including 1) scientific dental research, 2) dental education programs and 3) Academy projects which enhance the role of operative dentistry in professional growth.

Ralph Phillips Memorial Fellowship. This is a competitive fellowship for young operative faculty pursuing an academic career.

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Constitution and Bylaws

Dr. Melvin R. Lund – Chair person
14706 Little Eagle Creek Ave
Zionsville, IN. 46077

A copy of the Constitution and Bylaws is available to those who may desire one by contacting the office of the Secretary. A committee of six is responsible for keeping this document updated.

Changes usually arise from activity by the Council or from within the Constition and Bylaws. A proposed change is circulated to each committee member for modification or agreement. A final draft is presented to the Council for action at the Fall Meeting. Then it is circulated to the Academy membership in accordance with Bylaw stipulation and voted upon at the Annual Meeting. The Constitution remains quite stable and changes that occur are usually within the Bylaws which contains the details by which the Academy operates. It has been previously stated that this document does not exist to compel a specific mode of behavior by the Academy but rather to comfortably reflect the style by which we accomplish our agenda.

Announcement of considered change in Constitution and Bylaws.
Regarding the Journal.

Section 1. Name.

This Academy shall join with the American Academy of Gold Foil Operators and the Academy of R.V. Tucker Study Clubs to publish or cause to be published a Journal under the title Operative Dentistry.

Section 2. Ownership.

This Journal shall be organized as a non-profit corporation. The memberships of this corporation shall be divided equally from the members of the governing boards of the American Academy of Gold Foil Operators, the Academy of Operative Dentistry and the Academy of R.V. Tucker Study Clubs. This corporation is separate from the non-profit corporations of the three Academies. The stock ownership of this Journal shall be divided equally between the three Academies.

Section 3. Management.

The Journal shall be managed by a Board of Directors consisting of the Editor, the Managing Editor, two representatives from the Academy of Gold Foil Operative, two representatives from the Academy of R.V. Tucker Study Clubs and two representatives from this Academy,

a. The two representatives from this Academy shall be the Treasurer of this Academy and one other member of the Executive Council, elected by the council for a term of two years and eligible for re-election to a second term of two year.

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